In recent months, I have met so many amazing people as I have publicised and promoted my singing at weddings and events, many of whom have asked me why I have suddenly decided to start performing at the age of 28.

The truth is that it’s not strictly true that I’ve only just started singing. I began leading services in my local synagogue at the age of 14 and did so on a regular basis for the next four years. During that time I had been having difficulties with my voice that ENTs and Speech Therapists couldn’t resolve so I decided to stop performing as it was too painful.

Although I wasn’t performing, the sore throats continued even when I was only talking. I finished my degree and followed my passion, becoming a full-time teacher but the pain in my throat only increased as I was using my voice for long periods of time each day. Unfortunately I had no choice but to once again start the tedious process of seeing ENTs and Speech Therapists in the hope that they could get me back into the classroom.

Unfortunately it didn’t work and after my contract ended with the school where I was teaching, I embarked on a new career in Marketing and aged 25 I had all but given up on singing. But still the sore throats continued and so as a last resort I found a local and highly recommended vocal coach online. To be honest I didn’t really think it would work but no one else had been able to help me and I couldn’t live on painkillers forever.

At first there was little change but I persisted and gave the new techniques a chance and after five or so lessons I noticed that the constant pain was less frequent. After more lessons the pain was reducing further and was far more manageable but the thought of singing again hadn’t even crossed my mind.

All that changed when my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. I remember sitting with her in hospital as she underwent round after round of chemotherapy, where she told me that life is so short that you have to make the most of it. There and then she told me to give singing a go as it wasn’t worth having regrets later in life. A few months later sadly my grandmother passed away and using her as my inspiration, I wrote and recorded a song for charity in her memory and in the memory of my and my wife’s grandparents who have also passed away.

And so here I am, doing something I never thought I could. It’s taken a while to get here but it makes me appreciate performing more and all of my experiences of the last decade allows me to put more emotion and meaning into what I’m singing. It’s been a long road but I’m here now and I intend to enjoy the ride.

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