The world we live in can seem quite selfish at times. We have iPhones, iPods, iPads – the focus is very much on me, me, me. Whilst once the focus would have been on the collective and what can I do to help others, people are now very focused on themselves and what they have to gain. Some are even called ‘naïve’ or ‘foolish’ for offering to give of themselves when they are not personally gaining something from it. For these reasons, one would not be blamed for having a pessimistic outlook on life and thinking that the art of giving has been lost.

When I started raising money in memory of my and my wife’s deceased grandparents, I set a high target of £5,000. Many people told me that this was unrealistic and that I should set the bar a little lower. They too saw the world as described above and thought that such a sum could never be raised in this day and age.

I have to say that whilst I thought that people would give, I have been overwhelmed with the generosity that they have shown. In just a few weeks I have managed to raise over £1,500 because of their kindness. Many more have pledged to donate too. It may seem like a small act but the money that has been raised will help many people in many different ways. Sponsors may never see the impact of the money that they gave but nevertheless they may have changed someone’s life.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me so far and thank you to those who will in the near future. Our families really appreciate it and we hope that through the money that you have donated, many families will be given a helping hand through difficult times.

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