Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of teaching several boys the leining [Torah portion] for their Bar Mitzvah. I really love it as it provides a fantastic opportunity to build a special and long-lasting relationship with a family in the build-up to the big day.

Recently there’s been a trend of parents wanting a specific song to be sung when their son walks into the reception so that he can make a grand entrance. I only found out about this a couple of weeks ago, when for the first time the parents of a boy I am teaching asked me do this knowing that I’m a singer. There was absolutely no way I was going to pass up such an opportunity; it’s such a lovely idea.

Being the day that the Bar Mitzvah boy enters adulthood, it’s only right that a big deal is made of him, much in the same vein that girls should have a fuss made of them when they turn Bat Mitzvah. (Indeed this idea works beautifully for a Bat Mitzvah girl too.) If the person singing the song has a special bond and relationship with the Bar Mitzvah boy and his family, in my opinion it adds another dimension to the moment.

I’m really looking forward to it and I hope it will add an extra-special touch to an already wonderful occasion. I’m honoured to have this opportunity and even if the family don’t remember it in years to come, I certainly will.

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