Many people dream about their perfect wedding from the time they are little. Some focus on their clothing whilst others will visualise what they will say in their wedding speech or what their spouse will look like. To my knowledge though, there are not a large number who fantasize about the music that will be played.

In my experience this leads to couples knowing exactly what food they want and which flowers they’ll choose but when it comes to their playlist, especially for their chuppah, they have no clue. Whilst that’s what professionals are for, it can also lead to people regretting the choice of music that they walked down the aisle to.

So how can you ensure that you have the perfect chuppah soundtrack for you? Here are five tips.

  1. Research, Research, Research

Many Jewish couples want Hebrew songs at their chuppah but often they don’t know many or which ones suit a wedding. The best way around this is to do some research to find out which songs work best for you. This may be by asking the person who is conducting the ceremony, asking some friends or by searching the internet to find the songs you want. You may even choose to have melodies from your favourite pop-songs set to Hebrew words such as Boi Kalah to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah or John Legend’s All of Me.

It may sound like a daunting task but I would definitely recommend spending a bit of time researching songs to make sure you know about all of the different options that are out there.

  1.  Take time to listen to recommended songs

Often when couples don’t research which songs they want or just don’t know where to start, they turn to their band or friends for recommendations and can choose songs without giving much thought to it. Alternatively, with so many other things to organise this can simply fall to the bottom of the list.

Whilst recommendations are a good place to begin, especially if the songs are ones you haven’t heard of, definitely take the time to really listen to them before making a decision. Even if that means simply finding the recommended songs on YouTube or a CD, this is a must so that you can make an informed choice.

I’ve met numerous couples who have walked down their own wedding aisle to songs they don’t know well or aren’t particularly fond of which can start the day in the wrong way. Walking down the aisle should be a special moment and you should be accompanied by music that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and for the right reasons.

  1. Narrowing it down

Some brides and grooms are in a fortunate position that they know exactly which songs they want. Unfortunately their fiancée doesn’t always agree with them. If you do happen to be in this situation, choose the ones that have sentimental meaning to you. This could be the song that was playing when you met, you had your first dance to or the song that was proposed with.

Entering your wedding with these songs can make the day so special for you as it brings back all of the memories that you associate with these songs.

To some they may be appalling choices but if they are appropriate and remind you of a special time, what better way to walk down to the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

  1. Understanding the lyrics

Once you have whittled the songs down to the ones that you love and want, it is worthwhile to check the lyrics (even if they are in a language you understand) to ensure that they fit with the tone of the day and that they don’t have any hidden meanings.

One such example is the wonderful song Angel by Sarah McLachlan which is chosen by many for a slow dance because the song and its lyrics ‘in the arms of the Angel, may you find some comfort here’ are beautiful. Unfortunately, what people don’t realise is that the song was written about someone who overdosed on drugs, which obviously isn’t the right vibe for a wedding.

The flipside of this of course is that if you do know the meaning of the songs you’ve chosen, it makes them even more meaningful on your wedding day as you stand under the chuppah. It also gives you the chance to take in all of the small details that make weddings special and enjoy the songs even more.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make special requests

Sometimes there are certain requests that couples really want to make for their chuppah but are too shy to ask. A great example of this is having one of the bride/groom singing with the band whilst the other comes down the aisle.

If you want to make a special request, make sure to mention it to the band to see if it’s possible, no matter how silly you think it may sound. The band is there to work with you and ensure that your ceremony is exactly as you want it to be so go for it!

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